En los siguientes enlaces encontrarás páginas afines con la investigación que se desarrolla en fuera de marco. Esperamos que te resulten útiles.

The Artist as Debtor: advocacy and information sharing: This is a platform to develop a discussion about the effects that a growing mass of debt has on artists and solutions to eliminating the perennial burden it places upon us and our families in the form of widespread economic precarity endemic to the profession of artists. It began with a conference at Cooper Union on January 23, 2015 hosted by Coco Fusco and Noah Fischer. Beginning with participants in the conference, we will be publishing papers on www.artanddebt.org.

 W.A.G.E. Working Artists and the Greater Economy Is a New York-based activist organization founded in 2008. Our mission is to establish sustainable economic relationships between artists and the institutions that contract our labor, and to introduce mechanisms for self-regulation into the art field that collectively bring about a more equitable distribution of its economy.

Gulf Labor. A coalition of international artists working to ensure that migrant worker rights are protected during the construction of museums on Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi.

tierradenadie ediciones Tierradenadie ediciones publica libros que no son mercancías. Es un instrumento editorial que, en su organización misma, impide su conversión en maquinaria de producción de capital: en tierradenadie ediciones no hay beneficios privados. Los libros que publica construyen una crítica de la dominación y son herramientas para la transformación social.